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Entry #1


2008-02-23 22:01:37 by nBIZ

Nominate these artists for the underdog list, they truly deserve it.

Heres The Link To The Underdog forum where you can nominate.
The Under Dog Forum

And here are the links to the artists profiles who I think deserve the title.


Or if you would like to nominate me go ahead :D


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2008-05-08 23:12:27

I should be on the list too!!! JK but seriously check out my new song Charged some time.


2008-07-16 13:02:02

omg your songs are awsome.


2009-07-05 07:14:56

I would be happy to nominate you. ^_^

I first heard of you from the song "_:Eve:_" which was featured on a game, and from there I followed it back to your profile and listened through pretty much everything you've made. You've got a knack for it, and I really enjoy the beats that you're laying down. I'll be keeping an eye on your submissions from now on and I'll be sure to share your music with my friends.

Keep it up! Great stuff.


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